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Protect your ideas now – and in the future

To many people, one firm of UK patent and trade mark attorneys is much like another. You want to protect your ideas and need somebody to take care of the legal side of things. End of story.

The thing is, protecting your ideas isn’t just about filing as many applications as you can. It’s about understanding changing industries and emerging markets, anticipating where competition might come from in the future, and ring fencing your intellectual property in the most cost effective way possible.

To make sure your idea is safe, it pays to talk to a firm of European patent and trade mark attorneys that not only has a thorough grasp of the legal issues at stake but lives and breathes science, technology and commerce the way you do.

In short, an expert, efficient firm of UK-based European patent and trade mark attorneys like Brookes Batchellor.

Why should you work with Brookes Batchellor?

We tailor our approach to you

With us, one size doesn’t fit all. We pride ourselves on being approachable and flexible – working and charging in a way that suits you.

We talk your language

We’re all scientists and brand experts. We know your marketplace, have a broad range of experience and share your passion for technology.

We’ll keep your costs predictable

Whether you’re an overseas attorney, a UK start-up or a global brand, you can rely on us to work quickly and efficiently, and keep within budget.

How safe is your idea?

Talk to us today about protecting your ideas

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